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I can watch streaming video, but some sites, like for example The Daily Show have stopped working. Not so long ago (i.e. like last week), I could watch that. On other sites it still works, like for example I have no trouble on youtube. But on the Comedy Central page it now says "To view this movie you need the Adobe Flash Player plugin. You also need JavaScript enabled in your browser."

So then I figured maybe I need to update my flashplayer, and tried first the stable one, then the beta (my current player version is now 11.2.202) but neither helped. Then I wondered whether maybe some of my other Firefox additions caused trouble, that maybe some script or adblocking interfered, and I hadn't allowed all the necessary scripts, so I allowed everything for the page in NoScript, disabled Adblock and Ghostery blocking, but it still doesn't work. Then I tried another browser entirely, and went to the site with Epiphany, so no add-ons could cause trouble, but again flash video worked in principle, but not on the Daily Show page. :(

Any ideas what the problem could be?

ETA: I changed absolutely nothing, and now (on March 1) the video plays again. Maybe something was wrong with their site setup. Odd.
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Ok, quick recap, Firefox 10 has proven to be unstable [very!] in Ubuntu 11.10 and below, basically, it's unusable.

The solution is to use the package manger to completely remove FF... after backing up your passwords, permissions, bookmarks and extensions! [use something like FEBE, or xmarks .. FF is just about stable enough if you don't ask it to load any webpages.]

Once you've done that, follow the instructions here and install IceCat, which is the Ubuntu specific, open-source fork of FireFox. [the quick method works, I've tested it myself]

After that, Icecat will look and behave like the unbroken version of FF, you can restore your bookmarks etc. So far it'll accept the latest versions of addons for FF with no problems, but obviously I haven't tested them all.

Job done. Out with borked FF, in with Icecat.

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When Firefox spellchecks my input, the default seems to be set to Australian English for some reason. I would like to set it to American spelling as default, but I can't find such an option. It remembers when I previously selected US spelling for an URL (e.g. for the DW update page), but for each new one, it goes back to Australia.

I looked into the package list whether maybe I could just de-install the Australian and other unneeded English localization packages, but as far as I can tell selecting English automatically selects many countries, and you can't disable some localizations on their own. Similarly when I installed German, it now also offers me Austrian, Swiss and Luxembourgian spellchecks.
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I'd been trying to use Tumblr, and found it hard to use, but it turns out that I'm just not seeing all controls in in my Firefox (still on version 3.6.18 on Ubuntu 10.10, so far I've been too lazy to update). Anyway, in Firefox when I'm logged in I don't see the icons to (un)subscribe and get to the dashboard that should appear in the top right corner. If I use another browser they are there. I use NoScript, but have allowed all Javascript on the page, and I have also turned off my AdBlockPlus on the chance that that might interfere in some accidental way, but neither helps. Does anyone have an idea why the Tumblr controls are invisible?


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