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Ghastly G. Rotto ([personal profile] eldritch_panda) wrote in [community profile] linux4all2013-11-21 03:31 pm

Open Source Notetaking App

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for an (hopefully, though not absolutely required if something is amazing) open source notetaking app.

Some of my requirements:

Markdown editing
Plain text file saving
Keyboard shortcuts
attach images and links
categories (in addition to tagging)*
Dropbox sync*
export html,pdf*
I don't much care for Wiki style editing, but if an app is super amazing I can maybe check it out.
fluid calendar functionality (being able to store by date, or not)
multiple journals/books

*Optional bonus

I was testing out RedNotebook and I liked it mostly. It lacked numbered lists though, and it's format rendering was a bit off. Plus it was organized by day, so any notes added on that day were on the same "page" and they had to be separated by simply lines and dates. I'd prefer to have each entry separate. There were not categories, etc. It also didn't use standard keyboard commands like ctrl-a, ctrl-e, ctrl-k.

I'm not interested in any online services. I've done some research.

KeepNote looks interesting because of the addons and ability to use 'helper' apps, so I could use emacs I think. However, it stores in xml. Plus it seems it's been about 1.5 years since anything was developed.

BasKet also looks good; however, I cannot determine how it saves files and it's been nearly 3 years since any development.

Several of the most recommended notetaking apps (Zim, TiddlyWiki, OutWikier, etc.) are wiki-oriented, which is why I'm still looking. I'm hoping I can interact with people a little more and get help troubleshooting and researching this issue.

I am kind of new to all this and thus I could be overlooking something or not quite thinking about this correctly. I'm open to friendly advice and instruction.

My priorities are as follows:

One of the things I'm looking to do with this is make a events/food journal for my partner and I. Some way to catalogue our photos of outings and foods to refer to later. This is one of the most important aspects.

Secondary I also want to use it for keeping track of info for my MUD, like how to do goals, pricelists for items, convo snippets I may need to refer to, etc.

Then I would also like to be able to use it to do all sorts of journal like things, keep a book list, store research on projects, tutorials, etc.

I hope this is enough info, and that I followed all necessary protocols. Thank you for your time and attention.

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