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I've got an Acer Aspire One netbook running Linpus Lite (Acer's OS based on Fedora 8)

Ever since I first upgraded to Firefox 3.x it would decide to hang for several seconds every half hour or so. I thought maybe Firefox was getting too big for my tiny netbook, but a while back I found out it was common problem for Aspires and just kept crossing my fingers for it to be fixed in the next update... and the next... and the next. Today I revisited my favourite AAO blog and found out the problem has been fixed in the alpha build of 3.7. Suddenly browsing is smooth again, as well as faster than I remember!

Since it's an alpha build some of my add-ons, including Greasemonkey, PDF Download and Feed Sidebar aren't compatible but by I can survive until 3.7 goes to the public. Just thought I'd pass this along in case others are having similar problems.
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I've been trying out the Google Chrome browser, because Firefox is a resource hog.
Verdict: very very close, but no cigar.
It is fast, it is lean, it is pretty. Why, then, am I leaving it cigarless?
there are reasons, my Precious )
Perhaps I might have been willing to put up with one of these defects, but not all of them. I'm not ruling out Chrome completely, but I shall wait until it improves.

Then I tried out Opera. Bah! It was worse than Firefox. It drove me nuts. I'd click on a link and randomly Opera would decide to sit there and think and chew up 100% of the CPU before it would give me the page in question. and more complaints )

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