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Are any of the currently sold low to mid price range Wacom tablets supported by Linux? My current one (an old Wacom Volito) doesn't really work anymore, and I wanted to buy a new one (not spending more than €100-150, preferably even less, I don't need a large or high end tablet, as long as I can use a pen and have pressure sensitivity), but the small Bamboo Pen & Touch, that is listed as supported on the linuxwacom project wiki, doesn't seem to be sold anymore, and actually all the listed tablets don't seem to be available anymore, and when I google for the successor models (such as Wacom CTH-480S-DEIT Intuos Pen&Touch, or Wacom CTL-480S Intuos Pen Small) and Linux I see only forum questions about the drivers not working for them. Am I misinterpreting this?

Has anyone here recently bought a graphics tablet? Is there *any* affordable Wacom tablet model I could buy right now that would work? I don't want to spend money and then have my tablet be a brick, I only have Linux computers.
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Recently, I faced the need for a synchronized calendar, i. e. a calendar synchronized between multiple devices (PC, smartphone, tablet) and maybe different persons (sharing a single calendar). Some of the big freemail providers like Google or Live/Outlook.com (Microsoft) offer online or web-based calendars. But those systems have limitations or issues such as residing in the U.S.A. (no protection for non-US citizen) or are tied to a certain application or non-standard protocol. So, there is need for a more generic solution.

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