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Hi everyone! I've read through the entries about Linux and netbooks, and thanks to everyone who has shared their knowledge.

I have a post at my personal journal about my Acer netbook and having just installed Xubuntu. I'm hoping I can get tips from people in this community as to how I can, well, prettify my system a little.

I'm also interested in your recommendations for word processing apps. Xubuntu came with Abiword, which I have used a handful of times. Are there other programs that are better? (Background: I've been a Windows and Microsoft Word ever since I left DOS and PFS First Choice as a high schooler, and I am, generally speaking, a fan of Microsoft Word, in that it's never given me problems.) I don't want to bog my system down with more program than it can handle, given that I have 1 GB of memory and a 1.66 GHz processor, but I definitely want to know my options.

And while we're at it, what about blog clients? I'm using DW, LJ, and WordPress, so something that can handle all of those would be great, but any of the three would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance! So far I'm loving my Linux experience, and I'm already planning to fix my mom's laptop by installing Ubuntu on it for her. :)
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Heads Up Display will be coming to Precise Pangolin.

From what I can tell, it's similar to gnome-do or Quicksilver, but even more entangled with what we normally think of as menu functions.

Thoughts, reactions, screams of panic and horror? Either yours or that you care to link to in the comments?
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Does anyone know of a good program to stress-test the computer's RAM? My Windows drive currently bluescreens every time it tries to do something RAM-intensive (0x7F UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP), but MemTest86+ has been through 13 passes and not found any errors yet*. I suspect it's a stress-related memory fault, and I'd like to try stressing it on my Linux drive to see if it's Windows-specific.

I'm running Mint 10 GNOME 64-bit.

*It's still going: I left it overnight and I'm at work now. After 8 hours, though, I doubt it'll find anything in the next 11.
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This is probably super pathetic of me, but two hours of Googling isn't doing any good.

I'm trying to use VLC to take automatic screenshots of videos. Sounds simple, right? There used to be a nice, simple image output option you could select under Video > Output modules. Now it's not there. All the Googling I've done has told me that image output has been replaced with something called scene filter, and there's a scene filter thing underneath output modules that lets me tweak how I'd like the output to be done, but there's no way for me to actually select scene filter in output modules.

(I tried print screening to make this less incoherent, but it seems I can't do that while I have a drop-down menu open. Sorry.)

Is there any way I can do this? I'm not opposed to using the command line if that's what it takes.
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I'm currently posting from another PC because my Asus Eee PC 901, running Asus' own proprietary version of Xandros, is no longer connecting to my local wireless internet!

The error message that I get warns me to "make sure that the 'dcopserver' program is running!"

Can any Linux gurus elucidate? Are there updates I needed to download that would have helped?


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