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Are any of the currently sold low to mid price range Wacom tablets supported by Linux? My current one (an old Wacom Volito) doesn't really work anymore, and I wanted to buy a new one (not spending more than €100-150, preferably even less, I don't need a large or high end tablet, as long as I can use a pen and have pressure sensitivity), but the small Bamboo Pen & Touch, that is listed as supported on the linuxwacom project wiki, doesn't seem to be sold anymore, and actually all the listed tablets don't seem to be available anymore, and when I google for the successor models (such as Wacom CTH-480S-DEIT Intuos Pen&Touch, or Wacom CTL-480S Intuos Pen Small) and Linux I see only forum questions about the drivers not working for them. Am I misinterpreting this?

Has anyone here recently bought a graphics tablet? Is there *any* affordable Wacom tablet model I could buy right now that would work? I don't want to spend money and then have my tablet be a brick, I only have Linux computers.
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So, I run a dual boot Ubuntu (Narwahl, last stable upgrade)/Windows 7 netbook.

Earlier this evening I watched an .avi file (saved to hard drive) just fine- sound was normal.  Afterwards I restarted into Windows, just like always, and watched a little Netflix (sound was fine) before my connection crapped out (I think I need to update my network card drivers, unrelated) so I restarted back into Ubuntu.  And I go to watch another .avi file- and no sound.  I go back to the file I watched earlier to see if it's a corrupted file- and that one has no sound now either.  I'm not muted, I haven't used headphones or a mic in weeks.

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My seven yr old PC is behaving badly. It freezes in the middle of a loong yum operation, or even in the middle of switching between text apps.

I could try to get it repaired, but as I have dialup (through Airport), getting updates makes me cranky.

So I'm looking at off the shelf laptops, because I can't afford anything on a credit card.

What kind of laptops do you use, and with what distro? I've heard HP is awful, yet on a Fedora Planet entry, a developer said he'd just installed F15 on a new HP, with no problems. I've also noted others using Acer. Lenovo is out of my league, money-wise.

So, out of a mixture of curiosity and part of my on-going mission to get an idea of what is possible, what do you use in laptops? What distros are you using, and were there any gotchas at first?

Edited to add
I'm mostly curious about what kind of hardware people are using; Laptops DEFINITELY, but if you want to talk about your desktop rig and what you've put into it, go for it!

My computer is a Lenovo 3000 J Series. I have an old Nvidia card GEForce 6200, Old Sound Blaster Live! MP3 that still gives great sound - provided I get rid of Pulseaudio. No wireless, it connects via Ethernet to the Airport, which is controlled by an iMac. (not mine).


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