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Hi everyone! I've read through the entries about Linux and netbooks, and thanks to everyone who has shared their knowledge.

I have a post at my personal journal about my Acer netbook and having just installed Xubuntu. I'm hoping I can get tips from people in this community as to how I can, well, prettify my system a little.

I'm also interested in your recommendations for word processing apps. Xubuntu came with Abiword, which I have used a handful of times. Are there other programs that are better? (Background: I've been a Windows and Microsoft Word ever since I left DOS and PFS First Choice as a high schooler, and I am, generally speaking, a fan of Microsoft Word, in that it's never given me problems.) I don't want to bog my system down with more program than it can handle, given that I have 1 GB of memory and a 1.66 GHz processor, but I definitely want to know my options.

And while we're at it, what about blog clients? I'm using DW, LJ, and WordPress, so something that can handle all of those would be great, but any of the three would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance! So far I'm loving my Linux experience, and I'm already planning to fix my mom's laptop by installing Ubuntu on it for her. :)
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I'm posting to this community using eXpostulate, a cross-posting blog client that I've built in Tcl/Tk.

eXpostulate is pretty rudimentary, at most levels, but has some nifty features on others. I have plans to make more modifications, especially in specific reference to dreamwidth (need to modify insertion menu to include DW specific tags for cut, user, community, etc.), adding more entry fields for location, privacy, etc.

But the advantage that eXpostulate has is that one can write a post, then simply click 4 buttons and fire said post off to four different blog communities (livejournal, insanejournal, deadjournal & dreamwidth). Unlike other clients (logjam, for instance) the user need not login to service1, write post, send post, reload post, logout, login into service2, send post, reload post ...
Once the post is written, it can be x-posted to all four, and to as many relevant communities, with relative ease and efficiency.


eXpostulate is "themable" (user may configure the colors of the interface), posts to 4 blogging services (soon to come, wordpress and blogger functions, as well, possibly more), and has some useful editing functions (will be adding more html tag insertion options soon, too).

eXpostulate has been developed on a debian/gnu/linux stable system, but is crossplatform. Additionally, eXpostulate is released according to the terms of the Gnu Public License v. 3, or later.

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