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May. 29th, 2017 09:48 pm
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I really, really enjoyed Wanted. God. I wonder how much longer this show is supposed to go on for?

(Also I kind of ship Steven/Lars now, oops.)

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May. 29th, 2017 03:34 pm
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There were nutria crossing the road! Hot diggity!


May. 29th, 2017 02:53 pm
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продолжается. Временная киевская вписка один в один дом будущего из советского кино.

Редкой птицей

May. 29th, 2017 12:19 pm
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в этот раз оказалась серая ворона.

Всё доехало. Настроить, потравить накашлянных в меня попутчиками микробов, и можно приступать.

Пока что целюсь в район метро "Университет".

Argh, movie showtimes!

May. 29th, 2017 12:34 am
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This afternoon I asked [ profile] scruloose if he'd feel up for seeing a movie on Tuesday night. (Side note: Tuesday is a bit of a pain because it's the night of his yoga class, but at least he pays for that on a punch-card/drop-in basis, so missing one doesn't mean being out the money for it. OTOH, Tuesday is the cheapest option for movie-going, and we're trying--haphazardly, so far--to spend less.) He thought that'd be okay.

I wanted to see GotG2 or maybe the new King Arthur ([ profile] ek_johnston tweeting about it as "Trash King Arthur" has been quite persuasive), but oh my GOSH, the showtime options are horrible if you want to avoid 3D. >.< Both of those movies, at all three theatre locations we use, offer reasonable evening showings in 3D but only offer 2D showings starting by 4 PM or after 9:30 PM. Not exactly useful on a worknight.

OTOH, Gifted is showing in 2D at a reasonable time that night at my preferred location (if we feel like getting a CarShare), and I did want to see that (I wavered for a bit, but after it opened, I think I was generally seeing positive word about it?), so maybe we'll still wind up Going To A Movie.

Meanwhile, at this point only the IMAX (etc.) 3D showtimes have been released for Wonder Woman, but I'm going to operate on the theory that there will be 2D showings Friday night, just...announced stupidly late in the game. (Okay, to be technical, I just saw that my least favorite of those theatre locations is listing a 3:45 PM 2D showing on Friday. I wouldn't call that helpful, but it's something.)
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A Toronto friend posted a pic to Facebook of her cat lying across her desk and looking stern, and said something to the effect of "cats make sure you go to bed". I commented, "Where were my cats at 4 AM?"

My sleep "routine" is even worse than usual lately. I think deadline stress is affecting it. I'm not even particularly behind on deadlines or anything, but I'm stressed anyway, which means my focus is shot... It's a nasty cycle.

It's still cooler than I like for the end of May, so we're not planting this weekend, but [ profile] scruloose is outside digging the flowerbed-to-be. Hero!

Meanwhile, the potted clematis in the spare room are reaching through the air, groping for the window. It's kinda amazing.

Reminder that [ profile] nanodownunder starts up in a few days! I'll quote [ profile] china_shop:

Want to kick-start your writing?

Set your own goals -- this doesn't have to be a full 50K-word endeavour, just whatever you want to aim for. Pick a WIP to finish, or set a daily time- or wordcount-goal. Or just wing it, if you prefer.

Daily check-in posts. Locked comm so we can chat/cheer/commiserate in semi-privacy (ie, you have to join to play, but membership isn't moderated). Come one, come all...

[ profile] EddieMcClintock tweeted a "Mini #WAREHOUSE13 reunion!" pic of himself, Scags, Aaron Ashmore, and (executive producer) Jack Kenny, and my heart melted all over the place.

Let the war begin

May. 28th, 2017 06:36 pm
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Stumbled upon this article while waiting for the bus: Using Acceptance to Manage Anxiety and Stress. A few quotes:

"Radical Acceptance Opens Your Heart to Love"

"Acceptance Is an Act of Love"

"“I believe where there is love there IS a way. However, love requires loving thoughts, loving words, and loving actions toward our own self first and then toward everyone and everything else. In every moment and every circumstance we can take a moment to breathe, not automatically react, and quietly ask ourself: ‘What would love do now?’”

"... allowing and accepting everything for what it is IS the key. That’s what opens the floodgates, relieves the pain, and lets things flow!! Hint, hint: It’s called ‘Unconditional Love’.”

Such articles make me want to be happy... just out of spite, to prove to the world that it's, indeed, possible to be happy while retaining my identity, driven by hate and anger, without giving up and tainting my heart with that repulsive concept of unconditional love. Of course, so far I'm doing very poorly with happiness, proving the point of my adversaries ;) C'mon... it felt too unworthy as a personal goal, but surely it's worth as a statement of protest? a mission to defy the society's values?

What would Tom Riddle do now? ;)

(no subject)

May. 28th, 2017 01:45 pm
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I did something this week I'd been meaning to do since I was in college: Went to one of Andy Statman's regular residence gigs at the Charles Street shul in the Village. He's been in residence there since, like, the late 90s, and I spent four years in the mid '00s just a half mile east, and I knew he was playing shows, and I knew I loved Andy Statman's music like burning, but I never managed to do it. Because his weekly gig was on Thursday nights and Thursday nights were usually frisbee team practice in Union Square, I think.

Statman is a klezmer clarinetist and bluegrass mandolinist and sometimes a jewgrass mandolinist/clarinetist. He plays both instruments with prodigious speed and fluency, and more importantly, with tremendous soul and spirit. He was a student of the great klezmer clarinetist Dave Tarras and became one of the great proponents of the '70s klezmer revival.

I came across one of his albums in the library last week and said "Hey, I wonder if he's still playing at Charles Street" and I checked and he was, so I went in to the City to see the show.

The concerts are in the tiny and cramped basement of the shul, with Hebrew school posters of the Alef Bes on the walls. There was a bottle of vodka and some pareve cookies on a table, apparently for anybody who wanted to take. They didn't take admission, but at intermission the shul president asked everyone who could afford it for a fifteen dollar donation. When a woman tried to give him a twenty, he forced her to take change. It was, in short, one of the most heimishe concerts I've ever been at.

And the music was splendid, an opening set of klezmer with Statman blowing beautiful strings of notes on his clarinet along with his trio of bassist Jim Whitney and drummer Larry Eagle (Highlighted by 'the Lobster song', supposed a song played by Romanian Jewish lobstermen in early 20th century Maine while they gathered their treif bounty), followed by an instrumental bluegrass set. They were later joined by visiting guitarist and bluegrass singer Gene Yellin for a handful of songs. They made up the setlist as they want along, sometimes just strumming a chord or a simple melody to get the rest of the band on the same page. Yellin wanted to play a couple of songs that Whitney and Eagle didn't know- Whitney told Yellin and Statman- "You two get started, we'll either figure it out and catch up or we won't." Spoiler alert: They figured it out.

The whole experience was a blast, getting to hear such great music in such a low key setting. I need to go back again when I get a chance.

imzy demise

May. 28th, 2017 01:21 pm
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That was quick. It didn't even last a year (not counting the closed beta period). Not that I'm particularly surprised, because I signed up last summer when you could join, but then ended up almost never using the site.

Also, despite having an account, I did not even get an email from them about this. Though I think I may have disabled even import site update messages when I clicked "unsubscribe" back in April on the mails I got back to back about free plushies and pizza parties or some such crap, even though I had been fairly sure in my account creation that I didn't want promo messages.

But frankly the way site messaging was handled there was one of the problems that made the site unusable for me. Even now when I log in I do not see any closing message prominently in my notice box, just a whole bunch of "recommended for you" stuff. I had to click on the Imzy group to see their announcement from May 24th, and only learned about it now by accident after seeing talk elsewhere.

Apparently the final closing date is June 23rd. But I don't have any content there, so I'm not bothered.
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The first episode of the season which hasn't thrilled me, but I liked it better than some.

'I got your spoilers cheap.' )
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I published a small game on! It's free and should take maybe ten minutes to play. It's not, like, groundbreaking, but I kept having this problem with RPG Maker where I wanted to make huuuuge sprawling games, and always lost track of myself.

So I forced myself to make a small game instead.

It has a beginning, middle, and end, and should be bug-free thanks to beta testing by [personal profile] tamagus, [personal profile] beemoji, and [personal profile] girlnamedlance. My heroes ♥♥

Rename 完了

May. 27th, 2017 05:11 pm
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To all the zero people currently subscribed to this journal: I did the thing. Sorry about the whole booting-you-off thing. I just really kind of hate that you can't prune your circle. I mean, I don't use Tumblr anymore, but softblocking was a godsend.

(I know that being subscribed to by someone who I don't want to be doesn't make my content vulnerable, and I know that force-unsubscribing someone doesn't provide me with any security. It's a personal preference I have.)

Anyway, I wanted to change my username regardless.

It's a genus of figwort.

And if you don't know me IRL, I'd really prefer if you referred to me as Zal from now on. \o/

at WisCon

May. 27th, 2017 02:39 pm
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I'm at WisCon right now, and leaving early Monday morning! Right now I'm preparing for the Tiptree Auction, which is tonight, about 7:30pm-9:15pm. I am not on any panels this year. Please feel free to say hi if you see me!


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