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Thomas Fischer ([personal profile] t_fischer) wrote in [community profile] linux4all2015-08-28 10:53 pm
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Free branch versions of targetcli, rtslib, and configshell for Gentoo Linux

I spent the better part of today's evening preparing and testing .ebuild files (available in my GitLab repository) for the so-called ‘free branch’ versions of targetcli, rtslib, and configshell called targetcli-fb, rtslib-fb, and configshell-fb. The ‘free branch’ versions are the recommended way of setting up a iSCSI target on Linux, according to the Arch Linux wiki.

The .ebuild files (here, here, and here) are inspired on the available package files for Arch Linux (in AUR here, here, and here), RPM (here, here, and here) and Debian (here, here, and here).

In my own tests, I used my Gentoo host as iSCSI target (read: server) and a virtual machine with a fresh Debian 8 as initiator (read: client) to share a 100 MB RAM disk without any (CHAP) authentication.
Both the Gentoo and the Debian machines are using systemd as init. My package of rtslib-fb provides a .service for systemd to save/restore the target's setting on shutdown/boot.

To test the packages yourself, start by cloning the repository or manually fetch the files for the packages dev-python/rtslib-fb, dev-python/configshell-fb, and sys-block/targetcli-fb. There is already an older dev-python/rtslib-fb in the official portage tree; don't use that.
Emerge all three packages.
Follow the instructions to setup a target and initiator as you find on the Internet: Arch Linux wiki (target and initiator) or Red Hat's Storage Administration documentation (target and initiator).