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Google Web Fonts on your Desktop

Eager to get as many fonts as possible, but the fonts should be still legal and of high quality? If you are a web developer, you may already know Google's Web Fonts. Google provides you with CSS snipplets that allow you to integrated those fonts into you own webpages. Of course, Google does not own those fonts, but instead uses publicly available fonts which were released under the Apache license or the Open Font License.

You can not only used those fonts for you webpages, but on your own machine as well. All fonts are available for download through a Mercurial repository. If cloning the Mercurial distributed repository is not an option for you (e. g. it is quite large), you can fetch all fonts through the web interface. To simplify this task, I wrote a small Bash script (plus some Perl magic and Curl) to fetch all font files, available at my Gitorious repository. Gentoo Linux users can use the ebuild media-fonts/googlewebfonts.

Enjoy more than 1000 font files of a total size of more than 150 MB!